After Thailand has officially entered the rainy season. Many areas began to rain until it rained heavily for several days. It’s cold and damp, this is a proper weather with germs that can grow and spread to humans. For the diseases that are most common during this rainy season are the common cold, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, etc.

Today we will show that What Thai herbs can prevent and treat the common cold?

5 Thai herbs against flu

  1. Andrographis paniculata   properties prevent the virus into the human cell. Reduce the replication of the virus and also increase immunity to fight the virus.            
  1. Ginger, galangal. When eaten, it will feel spicy and warm. Inside ginger and galangal are abundant with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substance.   
  1. Gooseberry helps to promote the functioning of the immune system. Helps relieve cough, sore throat, dissolve phlegm
  1. Garlic has an effect on the immune system. Allicin in garlic has an anti-inflammatory effect. Prevents the secretion of cytokine that causes inflammation. It also promotes the function of white blood cells. And it increases the antibody type immunoglobulin A (IgA), which is the first line of immunity in the body. 
  1. Shallot is rich in bio flavonoid and Lecithin. Antioxidants help treat the symptoms of colds, nasal congestion, as well.                           

It can be seen that all Thai herb plants have many benefits for the body. It is both food and medicine. Therefore, in this rainy season, we should eat herb or cook foods containing herb to protect ourselves from sickness and to have good health all year round.