At present, the incidence of waste is increasing every day, averaging 1.15 kg/person/day (Report of the situation of community solid waste disposal sites in 2018 by the Pollution Control Department), with a tendency to increase every year according to the number of population and consumption increases.

Therefore, we would like to present 9 simple material recycling ideas around us to help reduce the amount of waste that is increasing every day.

1.Stationery box from discs

2.Vase for plants and flowers from plastic bottles

3.Apron from old clothes

4.Versatile hanging from the lid of the pot

5.Plant pot from milk cans

6.Knife holder from book

7.Plant pot from milk cans

8.Powder scoop from a gallon bottle of milk.

9.Chair from newspaper

From the examples of recycling ideas that we have presented there are still many ways to recycle waste for everyone to try to invent which can be searched on the internet. This is to help reduce the amount of waste and reduce the cause of global warming, which is a problem that everyone has to work together.