Currently, the situation of COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. Even after starting a vaccine to protect against the virus but it is also imperative that we wear a mask and wash our hands with soap or alcohol regularly to protect ourselves from the spread of the virus.                    Alcohol is one of the most important disinfectants. The Ministry of Public Health has determined that the sterile alcohol content, when diluted, must have a concentration of at least 70%.

Chemical structure of ethanol or alcohol used to kill viruses

The difference between gel and spray alcohol

Alcohol gelSpray alcohol
Skin contact applicationPour or drop onto the hand, then rub the hand dry.Spray on your hands and rub your hand dry.
Non-skin contact applicationNot suitableSpray to the equipment to be cleaned. Leave to dry.
SterilizationAble to kill the virus at a concentration of 70%.Able to kill the virus at a concentration of 70%.
PriceIt has a higher price because it contains other chemicals.Inexpensive as it contains quite a few other chemicals.

From the table above, it can be seen that both gel and spray alcohols are effective in sterilization, not different. It is depend on the user to choose which type of alcohol is suitable for their use and their convenience.