Due to the current situation of COVID-19 There is an increasing trend, causing workplaces, whether governments, state enterprises or private sectors, have more policies to work from home to prevent infection and reduce the risk of spreading covid. -19

Today we have 7 Thai food menus to help boost immunity. From the advice of the Department of Health, let’s recommend to eat and cooking during work from home.

  1. Stuffed eggs with tomato and carrot mixture which is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. It will get 42 % vitamin C and 43 % vitamin A in the amount of tomatoes and carrots each half ladle. 

2. Pork Blood Soup consists of vegetables, pork and offal. Half a ladle of lettuce, 1 tablespoon of pork liver, 1 tablespoon of minced pork and 1 piece of pork blood will get 45 % iron

3. Tom Yum Pla Mackerel has tomato and lime juice as the main ingredient. It is rich in vitamin C up to 42 %.             

4. Boiled Gourd with Tofu and Egg The soup consists of vegetables such as carrots, celery, gourd, carrot, half a ladle by ladle 2 and gourd vegetables to provide vitamin A to 42 % ever

5. Steamed Ginger Fish Fillet of fish contains protein and vitamins. The fish meat contains 20 % vitamin D.   

6. Sweet and Sour Fish There is a mixture of tomatoes that give it a sour taste and sweet peppers. Half a ladle of tomatoes and one bell pepper provide enough vitamin C to meet the body’s needs.

7. Stir-fried clams consist of mainly clam meat. which will receive 33 % iron according to the amount of body’s needs.

In addition to foods that help strengthen the immune system. We should not neglect to wash our hands regularly. Clean with soap or alcohol gel. to help reduce and avoid infection