Perfume is another common ingredient today for deodorizing, flavoring, relaxing or creating individual scent characteristics. Fragrances are cheap from hundreds to thousands depending on the quality and purpose of use. For example, body perfume is more expensive than common home deodorants due to its higher purity therefore has a more expensive price.

The chemistry in the perfume consists of 2 main parts: the perfume concentrates and the alcohol for making the perfume.

Simple perfume making process

1. Choose the fragrance you want.

You can choose from the scents that you like or indicate ourselves. You can choose more than 1 scent by bringing the scent of perfume to drop on tissue paper and sniffing.

2. Use a measuring cup 25 ml. Then drop the scent of our selected fragrance about 30 drops each.

3. Add alcohol for perfume making into the measuring cup to complete 25 ml. Stir and mix well. And poured it into the perfume bottle.

* If found that the smell of alcohol is too strong can be reduced

4. Keep the perfume away from direct sunlight or heat to prevent odor changing or evaporating.

This will then be able to get a perfume that can be used to deodorize unwanted odors. Suitable for simple home use. If you want to make body perfume, we recommend that you use a higher grade perfume which have high quality but the price may be higher accordingly. However, it will also be safer for users.