What are the essential oil and perfume?

Essential oils are obtained from plants that come from nature directly. Extraction through heat or steam to produce the pure and fragrant oil. It is not harmful to the user.

Perfume is a scent that is created by a human via chemical process. Long-term inhalation can have health effects.

                   The difference between essential oils and perfumes

Essential oilPerfume
Price32 – 325 USD/kg 32 – 163 USD/kg
SourceFrom various parts of the plant such as bark, flowers, leaves, fruitChemical synthesis
Odor characteristicReal natural odorSynthesis or chemical odor
Health impactNo impact if using right amountMay cause an allergic
Emotion relaxingYesNo

From the table it can be seen that essential oils are better, safer, but also expensive. Therefore, it depends on the consumer who has chosen to use the right purpose and the right amount.