What is MSDS?

Material safety data sheet(M SDS or SDS) is safety data sheet for a chemical or product which show about hazardous of chemistry, chemical composition, toxicity, use method, storage and handling and etc. This safety document will be prepared by the manufacturer.

                 The MSDS contain 16 topics;

  1. Identification of the substance/preparation and of the company/undertaker.
  2. Hazards identification.
  3. Composition/information on ingredient.
  4. First aid measure.
  5. Firefighting measure.
  6. Accident release measure.
  7. Handling and storage.
  8. Exposure controls/personal protection.
  9. Physical and chemical properties.
  10. Stability and reactivity.
  11. Toxicological information.
  12. Ecological information.
  13. Disposal considerations.
  14. Transport information.
  15. Regulatory information.
  16. Other information.

   From the MSDS 16 topic, all of them are very important to the user. Because it is necessary to use this information when an accident occurs. Therefore, training should be provided to users before starting to use chemical and have the documentation provided in an easily access location and convenient to use immediately when an accident occurs.