Meaning and color of trash

  • Green color for disposing of organic waste or waste. It is a waste that decomposes in a fast time. Moreover, can be used to make fertilizer or effective microbial fermentation. The symbol of the tank will be “A triangle with a fishbone and food scraps in the middle”.
  • Blue color for general waste disposal. It is difficult to decompose waste and is not suitable for recycling. There is a symbol in the image of “People throwing rubbish into the trash“.
  • Yellow color for recycling waste. It is a waste that can be recycled and used again. It will be symbolized as “Triangle Spiral Arrows”.
  • Red color for hazardous waste. It is a waste that contains contaminated hazardous materials. Correct removal is required. the symbol will be “A downward arrow and a skull and cross inside“.

Green bin for disposing of wet waste such as vegetables, fruit or food waste.

Red bin for disposing of hazardous waste such as light bulbs, batteries, chemical cans, and used masks.

Blue trash for general waste such as plastic bags, foam boxes, toilet paper.

Yellow trash for disposing of recycled waste such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans.

For used masks, can be discarded in a bundle bag and then disposed of in the red bin.