Perfume is a solution that contains essential oils, aroma, alcohol, naturally derived and synthesis. Purpose for deodorization, relax or create fresh air.

Perfume composition

Perfume consists of 3 components:

1. Top notes are the earliest scents that we touch or smell when we inhale. It has the shortest fragrance among the 3 fragrances component.

2. Middle notes are the heart of the perfume. It is the scent that follows from Top notes when inhaled it is a note that indicates the character of the perfume. The smell is quite clear and stays for a long time after spray.

3. Base notes are the bottom notes in the order of the perfume pyramid. It is responsible for long-lasting scent and helps balance the scent of the perfume completely.

Shown pyramid of fragrance by upper is top notes, middle notes and the bottom is base notes.

In addition, perfumes can be divided according to the scent lines as follows

  • Floral is a floral scent.
  • Fruity is a fruity scent. Including the smell of citrus (citrus)
  • Green is a refreshing scent of grass and green leaves.
  • Herbaceous is a scent of various aromatic herbs.
  • Woody is a scent of nature and plants.
  • Amber is a scent similar to the scent of amber.
  • Animalic is a scent similar to human body or flesh odor.