Blood stains are another type of stains that form and are quite difficult to clean or use a complicated process to remove. Because of blood stains will stick or settle on the surface and dry quickly. If not cleaned immediately, the blood stain will dry and clot.

Blood composition

Fig1. Show blood composition; plasma, red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet.

Blood consists of 3 parts;

1. Blood (Plasma) water is the main component. Serves to transport nutrients that have been digested and sent to be eliminated outside the body.

2. blood cells

Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs to different cells. Red blood cells make up hemoglobin. Which are proteins within and are the main components Which will have as many red blood cells 45% of total blood

White blood cells act to prevent pathogens entering the body.

3. Platelet functions for blood coagulation. When the wound occurs, it will form a mesh to cover the wound.

From the above blood elements will find that the blood contains quite a lot of protein which is the reason that causes stains to settle on the surface and difficult to clean Therefore, an enzyme called “Protease” is used to eliminate or break down protein stains.

The protease enzyme acts to break down the binding or bonding bonds between protein stains and are easy to clean.

Fig2. Show Protease mechanisms by digest or cutting bond between protein and protein molecule.

Protease enzymes are used in many industries today for example; medical device cleaner, laundry products, agricultural products and etc. Because it is safe for users, used in small quantities but has good results and is also environmentally friendly.