Did you know that just one tree can help reduce air pollution enormously?  Whether it is absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen for use in breathing.

benefits of trees

  1. Absorbs 9-15 kg of carbon dioxide/year on average per plant which is considered to be able to absorb a large amount. If more plants, the more carbon dioxide will be absorbed and decrease
  1. Traps and reduce dust in the air 1.4 kg / year, whether it is dust from construction, car smoke on the road and etc.  When the dust floating in the air, it will float to the surface of the leaf after it rains, the water will wash away the dust to the ground and continue to decompose
  1. Absorb heat from sunlight and reduce the temperature around the house by 3-5 C. For tall plants can help shade and provide shade. It also increases humidity, making the house feel cooler.
  2. Able to release oxygen to 2 people per year. Only 1 tree can produce 200,000-250,000 liters of pure oxygen per year which is enough the oxygen needs for 2 people / year.

Once you know the benefits of trees, we should all plant trees and preserve the environment for our future and our next generations.