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Products For Dialyzer Reprocessing

Dr.Reuse (TA 100)

Dialyzer Reprocessing System Automatic Reprocessor

Programs : Self-check, Cleaning, TCV testing, Leak testing Disinfectant filling

Features and Benefits

  • Touch screen display
  • High quality performance
  • All dialyzer types
  • Reprocessing time  Approx. 7-9mins
  • TCV testing, range 10-300ml ±5% accuracy
  • Leak testing, negative pressure >-250mmHg
  • Minimal air bubble during disinfectant filling
  • TCV history for tracking dialyzers reprocessed
  • Audio and visual alarm display 
  • Easy maintenance
Operating requirements
Operating pressure 20-55psi
Operating temperature 15-35℃
Relative humidity 0-80%
Water quality RO water must ANSI/AAMIRD62RD47 standard
Water requirements 1.5-3L /min flow rate
Drain requirement 3-5L /min
Disinfectant Sanacide-R7, Sanacide-R8 @20-65ml/cycle