AMTEC is the manufacturer that developes and manufactures the cleaning agent for dialysis machine in Japan. We are extensively expanding our business overseas on the basis of the expertise and technologies cultivated in the Japanese market. We will cooperate and work together with Suzhou AMTEC Technology Co.,LTD.(China) and THAI AMTEC CO.,LTD.(Thai), to create good markets, achieve further business. 

Corporate Slogan

​”To purity the future”

We aim to be a global company that gives top priority  to customer's requirements, which is based on 3 keywords,

"Water", "Environment" and "Medical Care".


Hemodialysis Field

What is Hemodialysis?

"Hemodialysis is a blood therapy that substitutes renal function if impaired by renal failure, with a dialysis-type artificial kidney.  In a renal failure, waste products in the body are not discharged adequately and it is necessary to discard them by hemodialysis and supplement lacking materials. In many cases, hemodialysis, lasting 4 to 5 hours a day, 2 or 3 times a week, must be continued for life."

Cleaning Agent For Dialysis Machine

Patients need to use dialysis machine to undergo artificial dialysis.

After use, washing is required to remove contaminants from dialysis machine.

For this washing, we develop and manufacture the disinfectant cleaning agent for dialysis machine.

Central Sterilizing Supply Department (CSSD) Field

What is Central Sterilizing Supply Department (CSSD)?

"This is the division where the instruments used in operations, examinations, and treatments at the hospital are washed and sterilized for reuse.  After use, instruments are contaminated with blood and body fluids. Reuse of such contaminated instruments causes infections.  The Central Sterilizing Supply Department(CSSD) plays an important role in the safe reuse of medical instruments."

Cleaning Agent For Medical Instrument

"In medical facilities, a variety of medical instruments for the treatment and operation are used.After use, washing and sterilization are required to remove contaminant from instruments. For this washing, we develop and manufacture the cleaning agent for medical instruments."


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