Nowadays, we encounter many pollutions whether pollution from physical such as dust, fume, smoking and etc. Chemical pollution such as fertilizer, insecticide, cleaning detergent and biological pollution such as virus, bacterial, fungi which contaminated from air, food and etc. All of pollution are cause of disease and destroy human health.

Biofilm is one of biological pollution which include many microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Biofilm living together they like moisture condition and attached on any surface. Biofilm is spontaneous living things. Some of biofilm have benefits for ecosystem but some biofilm can cause disease and harmful for human. 

Biofilm is slime and slippy property that can find around uncleaning area such as ware surface, machine, food process equipment, surgical equipment and etc.  Moreover, biofilm is good durable for cleaning detergent and disinfectant.

Fig. Life cycle of biofilm
  1. Microorganisms attached at surface.
  2. Microorganisms are conjugation and begin produce small biofilm.
  3. Biofilm occurs.
  4. Many microorganisms are conjugated and produce large biofilm.
  5. Biofilm was destroyed, microorganisms are disintegrated and they will come again if surface is unclean or dirty.

Dangerous from biofilm

  • If contaminated in water that can cause of diarrheas.
  • If contaminated with surgical equipment that can cause side effect for patient and death.
  • Biofilm make pipe clogged because of large biofilm.

Accumulation of pathogens because biofilm consist of good microorganisms for ecosystem and bad microorganisms for human.

Biofilm eliminated

The best way to eliminated biofilm is using detergent and disinfectant which high performance, environmental friendly and not cause for pollution occur. Detergent will break drown or destroy dirty and disturb working process of biofilm. At the same time, disinfectant will work together with detergent by anti or inhibit biofilm growth.

ChlorineFormaldehydeHot water>80C
Hydrogen peroxide  
Table. Methods and chemicals for eliminated bilfilm

Moreover, scrub and rub are important for increase cleaning performance because it can destroy biofilm cell structure effectively.