What is enzyme?

Enzyme are special kind of proteins that found in living cell e.g. microorganisms, plants, animals and human. Enzyme act as biological catalysts. Catalysts accelerate chemical reactions.

Fig. shows an enzyme sample

Many enzymes are used in commercial. For example, in the synthesis of antibiotics, household products, starch or fat stains on clothes, meat tenderizer which making the meat easier to chew, feed animal industrial and etc.

Fig. Enzyme was used in widely commercial

  1. This enzyme molecule binds reactant molecules—called substrate—at its active site.
  2. forming an enzyme-substrate complex.
  3. This brings the reactants together and positions them correctly so the reaction can occur.
  4. After the reaction, the products are released from the enzyme’s active site. This frees up the enzyme so it can catalyze additional reactions.

Enzyme combined with detergent.

Nowadays, dirt or soil comes in daily life which many forms and includes proteins, starches and lipids. Normally, most people using detergent to clean and eliminated dirt but they use detergent at high temperature(50-60C) because for highest cleaning performance.

For solve problem, enzyme was used together with detergent;

  • use of enzymes allows lower temperatures(25-30C) to be employed and shorter periods of agitation.
  • reduce consume time of soaking.
  • enzyme detergents remove protein, carbohydrate and lipid from soiled e.g. blood, milk, sweat, grass, starch and etc.
  • more effectively than non-enzyme detergents.

For our detergent, we choose the best ingredients which safe, not dangerous, mild and high cleaning performance for customer because we care about health and hygiene of all customer. Moreover, we selected high enzyme quality for eliminate soil and dirt with our detergent.