When entering the summer, the drought will comming. So, here are 6 ways to save water to fight drought and help you save more money for utility bills .

  1. Test for leaks from water appliances in the house. Whether it’s faucets, water pipes, sanitary ware or around the pipe joints because they are all causes of water loss and useless water costs.
  2. Use a shower instead of a bath. Bathing with a shower uses about 50 liters of water at a time, which is more economical than a bath that requires 100 liters of water. The smaller the hole in the shower more water saving
  3. Use a glass or bowl while brushing your teeth. It helps you save water better than leaving water to flow through, it unprofitable.
  4. Water the plants with water from the used water. Reusing used water such as washing it is another way to help save water. Moreover, should be watered in the morning because the weather is not hot causing the water to evaporate slowly.
  5. Pour enough water to drink. Should pour water into a container to fit for one drink. If you can’t drink it all, you shouldn’t throw it away it can be used to water the plants or pour a cloth to wipe around the table, chairs and etc.
  6. Use a water container instead of turning on the water such as washing vegetables, washing dishes, should find a basin to collect water while washing. Or wash with water container instead of running water to flow through. In addition, the water after washing can also be used for other uses.