1. Pandemic of Covid-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a pandemic on 11.03.2020.

2. Occurrence and transmission

Current studies show that infectious virus can be isolated from the throat and lungs.
No infectious viruses are detected in stool, urine and blood.

This confirms the assumption that the main transmission pathway is droplet infection.
Further transmissions can also occur via contaminated objects (smear infection).

3. Efficacy of disinfectants against corona virus

No official methods exist to test the efficacy of a disinfectant against the enveloped virus, Covid-19. But even then we will continue to face Covid-19. As general knowledge, Disinfectants with the efficacy against enveloped viruses, limited spectrum virucidal or virucidal are effective against corona viruses. High level disinfectant is particularly effective against enveloped viruses. The efficacy of AMTEC’s high level disinfectant as peracetic acid, Sanacide-R7, against enveloped virus similar to coronavirus, non-enveloped virus and other pathogens has been verified by a third party laboratory.