Perfume is kind of cosmetic commonly used to add odor, deodorize or have a pleasant smell. Whether used with humans, animals or objects as needed

Did you know that in addition to the perfume that is responsible for the scent, there is also another type of perfume that can be used for cooking or a drink, we call that perfume is “Flavor”


Flavor is a taste enhancer. It is a food additive that improves the taste of food to make it more appetizing.

Flavor can be divided into 3 types:

  1. Natural flavoring refers to the additives obtained from plant. Through the baking or dry process for example, tea, coffee, cocoa, spices, pepper, turmeric and etc.
  2. Natural identical flavoring is a chemical or synthetic flavoring agent to mimic natural flavor. It will look like a natural flavor for example, essential oils.
  3. Artificial flavoring means flavoring substances obtained from objects that have not been found in natural products normally used by humans. Including synthetic flavors that contain a mixture of natural scents or flavors that mimic natural flavors in it, such as ethyl butylate pineapple-like scent, isoamyl acetate banana-like scent, Isoemyl acetate smells like pear.