Germs is small living thing which can’t observe by eye. It has small particle size about 0.2-1.5 micron and can founded on soil, water, plant, food, air and etc. If condition is fit for survival, germ can growth rapidly and combine together.

                In general, can divided germs to 2 types which give benefit and be harmful. For give benefit example, Lactobacillus ssp that was used to produce yoghurt or use to produce “Nam” (Thai pork ferment), Saccharomyces cerevisiae was used as substance for alcohol beverage production. On the other hand, some toxic from germs was used in the field of beauty e.g. “Botox” many uses in beauty clinics for tighten facial or skin, that made form toxic extraction from Clostridium botulinum.    

Figure.Example of good germ.

Bad germs are one of living thing which cause disease to human and animals, we call “Pathogen”. After pathogen come inside the body of human or animals it will destroy host cell by replication for survival, release toxin or toxic by themselves. If has low immune, bad germs will attack cell and destroy health.

Hospital is high risk infection area, it can find many diseases whether from patient e.g. blood, mucus, secretion and etc. So, all hospital must clean area, medical equipment, toilet and etc. to prevent from disease.

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