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Products For Medical Instrument (CSSD&OR)

Topzyme MA

Detergent for Medical Instruments, Flexible Endoscopes

Topzyme MA is a mildly alkaline / enzymatic detergent.

Exhibits excellent detergency by its alkalinity. 

It can be used widely by its low corrosiveness.

Compatible for all washer machine types and for also manual cleaning.


Washer-disinfector 2-10ml/L *40-60℃
Ultrasonic-machine 5-20ml/L *25-40℃
Manual cleaning 5-20ml/L *25-40℃
Product information
Principal Uses Detergent for medical instruments
Active Ingredients Surfactant substances, enzymes (proteases), corrosion inhibitory, stabilizer
pH 9.4
Foaming Low foaming
Packaging 5L / 200L