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Products For Medical Instrument


Detergent for Medical Instruments, Flexible Endoscopes

Topzyme is a multi enzymatic detergent, and especially suitable for manual cleaning.

Effective cleaning property, prevent deposition of protein residues. Removes biofilm. Excellent material compatibility: pH-neutral.


Dilution rate , Dosage Water temperature
Washer-disinfector 2.5-5ml/L *40-60℃
Ultrasonic-machine 5-10ml/L *25-40℃
Manual cleaning 5-10ml/L *25-40℃
Can adjust the water temperature or be diluted at various rates depending on the degree of contamination on medical instruments
Product information
Principal Uses Detergent for medical instruments including flexible endoscopes.
Active Ingredients Enzymes (protease, lipase, amylase), corrosion inhibitory, stabilizer
pH 7.8
Foaming Non foaming
Packaging 5L / 200L
Shelf Life 2 years after manufacture data