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Final in OW

Final in OW A Rust-proof lubricant is a chemical used in the final process of cleaning. Rinsing-off process is not required after a lubricant/anti-rust process, 

Final in OW is a very safe, rust-proof lubricant with excellent functions.


Since a rinsing-off process is not required after a lubricant/anti-rust process, the ingredients of this product remain on the medical devices.
In short, rust-proof lubricant must be very safe, since it comes into contact with the human body through medical devices after the drying and sterilization process.

General characteristics / Packaging
Main ingredients Liquid Paraffin, Emulsifier, Ethanol
pH 6.7 (Stock solution)
6.0 (0.5% diluted solution at 25℃)
Packaging 5L , 20L , 30L
Recommended usage
Washer disinfector 0.3-0.7 %
Ultrasonic bath 0.3-0.7 %
Immersion 0.3-2.0 %